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One Cool Thing
Check out these infographics to help you learn more about buying and selling your home. Share with your friends.
Staged Homes Sell Best
Home staging is key to attracting home shoppers, and maybe even more so in an era where consumers are used to watching TV home-makeover shows.
Budgeting For Homeownership
Here are some lesser-known homeownership fees that buyers should budget for.
Calling The Experts
There are some things a home inspector can’t evaluate. Make sure you’re prepared.
The Future-Proof Kitchen
The price of remodeling a kitchen can be expensive. Make sure the changes you make will stand the test of time.
Homebuying Decisions
When it comes to purchasing a home there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.
Outdated Advice
Current homeowners are often eager to give advice. Unfortunately, sometimes that advice is a little out of date.
Remodeling Regret
TV shows make home remodeling look simple, but two-thirds of homeowners regret not calling an expert.
Remodeling ROI
Not all home improvements are created equal. These five projects will reward you the most when it comes time to sell.
The Homeownership Dream
Despite affordability challenges, California renters continue to hold homeownership in high regard.
Save The Sale
Check out these three home repairs that could save your sale.
Hack-Proof Your Smart Home
As the number of households using smart-home devices increase, so does the potential for your home to be hacked.
Mortgage Mayhem
Homeownership in the U.S. has fallen sharply since the housing boom peaked.
Power of Pets
In 2016, 61% of U.S. households owned a pet or planned to own one in the future.
Social Good
For concerns surrounding those with disabilities to those affecting the LGBTQ community, various social issues are taking center stage.
Aspirational, But Practical
First-time millennial homeowners are aspirational, but practical about homeownership.
Financial Fitness
Here's how various generations view their financial situations.
Resale ROI
Here's a look at the projects with the greatest and least return on investment in 2017.
Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
The decisions that brands and businesses make reflect heavily on a consumer's perception.
First-Time Buyers Gain Traction
After slipping for three straight years, the U.S. share of sales to first-time home buyers increased.
Staying Loyal
Does community involvement by a company translate into customer loyalty?
Housing Challenges
The U.S. is at the beginning of a 20-plus-year surge in the older population, and is at a critical point for affordable housing options.
Mobile Friendly
More buyers are finding homes online and using mobile devices to do it. Is your Web site ready?
Buyer Optimism at an All-Time High
The home-buying process may be longer this year, and buyers may be up against multiple offers, but their long-term optimism about home prices in their new neighborhoods has gone up!
Negotiating The Deal
When it comes to buying a home, the majority of buyers agree they need a REALTOR® to negotiate for good prices and better terms of sale.
Social Media Use Is On The Rise
Buyers are increasingly using social networking tools to aid in the home-buying process.
Home Is Never Far Away
The majority of renters who plan to purchase a home soon don't expect to move far away when they do.
No Project Left Undone
During the past year alone, new homeowners spent $18 billion on home improvement projects.
Gen Y Is Ready To Buy
Although millennials face multiple challanges, this generation sees a home as good investment.
School Or Pool
Three out of five home buyers say school attendance boundaries would be a factor in choosing a home.
Young Optimism
Whether they're in a position to buy now or are still saving toward their dream, young renters are optimistic about homeownership. What are the benefits they see in owning versus renting?
How Do Buyers Evaluate Real Estate Crushes?
Whether it's love or real estate, having a short list of deal breakers is critical for weeding through crushes to find "the one."
The Perfect Luxe Property
What do buyers find is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to a setting for their home? At least 69 percent of the time, it's all about the view.
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